Force majeure is now called ‘extraordinary circumstances’ in travel law. In case AIDA Cruises should cancel the trip because of COVID-19, we will get our payments returned, but we will not get reimbursed for other expenses occurred. We will have spent approximately € 100,000 and therefore might not be able to refund everything, so we will depend on voluntary support (please see Q + A above and below). The COC of EC 2021 JCI European Conference Cruise will never cancel the conference by themselves. But we need to be prepared for:

1. A worsening COVID-19 situation with no vaccinations or good therapeutics available;

2. Our cruise ship AIDAdiva getting involved in an accident or something even worse, meaning that it would not be available.

In this case, the cancellation paragraph might save us from being subject to law suits. We are adhering to German laws and are preparing for worst-case scenarios that nobody would have thought of even a year ago. We compare it to wearing seatbelts or having airbags in a car – you never plan on using them.