Every conference is impacting the environment, because it involves people travelling, staying in hotels, renting large venues and preparing a variety of food. This consumes energy, like browsing the web, consuming food or drink or even reading a book at night. In order to compare 2021 JCI European Conference on board a cruise ship to another conference, a detailed analysis is recommended. All energy used on board is created by the ship itself, provided it is not powered by land power in a harbor. That includes energy for the propulsion of the ship, for the preparation of food, but also for all cabins on board. Sometimes certain facts are dismissed insofar as that the ship also provides energy for the entire crew on board, for their cabins, for the preparation of their food – and the crew doesn’t need to commute to work every day. We also think it makes quite a difference if you spend every vacation on a cruise ship or just a few days at 2021 JCI European Conference, connecting people and nations. The City of Rostock can be reached directly by German high-speed trains, a train station is a five-minute walk away from the cruise terminal.