Our team started to organize the 2021 JCI European Conference Cruise in June 2016. Particularly since our bid was approved in 2019 in Lyon, expenses have occurred. These were spent on servicing the interest of large deposits and on insurance, legal and tax counseling as well as marketing. Therefore, you will find a special paragraph before you may register and also included in your booking confirmation.

“In the event of a necessary cancellation, we expect each participant, in addition to our General Terms and Conditions, to voluntarily support the organizational costs incurred with € 100.00 (except for children).”

This money will be used for those expenses occurred. All other funds will be returned to you. We think it’s just fair to let you know beforehand about those details, since it eliminates the guesswork on your side. Without an amount retained in case of further issue from COVID-19, it might become increasingly difficult or even impossible to organize and plan conferences in the future.