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Coronavirus / COVID-19 (7)

2021 JCI European Conference on a cruise ship was always going to be a challenge, even without a pandemic. However, COVID-19 is posing as the greatest challenge so far. For a long time to come, the planning of events will involve an increased amount of uncertainty. We believe that current developments in Germany and in most European Countries indicate that the 2021 JCI European conference will be able to take place as planned. Although this pandemic is far from over, the number of new infections in most European Countries is considerably lower than at its peak and is further decreasing. We sincerely hope this trend continues, but it could also change. To use a famous quote: “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future!”

To be fair and honest, we foresee some changes being required to the conference to manage and mitigate any further risk from COVID-19. Although high sanitary standards like using hand sanitizer have been strictly enforced on cruise ships for many years, the cruise industry is working very hard to ensure everybody’s health and safety on board. We will be setting sail in June 2021, so it’s a little bit too early to speculate about specific details. There may be new regulations introduced by this point, but this will be similar at every conference conducted responsibly in 2021, regardless of the location or venue.

Yes, we do! We are presently confident that we can realize everything as planned. Due to the potential for further change by June 2021, we feel right now is not the time to discuss them publicly. Should the need arise, we will try as hard as we can to negotiate a solution with all stakeholders. As soon as further developments have been confirmed , we will share any additional knowledge with you as soon as is practical.

Our team started to organize the 2021 JCI European Conference Cruise in June 2016. Particularly since our bid was approved in 2019 in Lyon, expenses have occurred. These were spent on servicing the interest of large deposits and on insurance, legal and tax counseling as well as marketing. Therefore, you will find a special paragraph before you may register and also included in your booking confirmation.

“In the event of a necessary cancellation, we expect each participant, in addition to our General Terms and Conditions, to voluntarily support the organizational costs incurred with € 100.00 (except for children).”

This money will be used for those expenses occurred. All other funds will be returned to you. We think it’s just fair to let you know beforehand about those details, since it eliminates the guesswork on your side. Without an amount retained in case of further issue from COVID-19, it might become increasingly difficult or even impossible to organize and plan conferences in the future.

Force majeure is now called ‘extraordinary circumstances’ in travel law. In case AIDA Cruises should cancel the trip because of COVID-19, we will get our payments returned, but we will not get reimbursed for other expenses occurred. We will have spent approximately € 100,000 and therefore might not be able to refund everything, so we will depend on voluntary support (please see Q + A above and below). The COC of EC 2021 JCI European Conference Cruise will never cancel the conference by themselves. But we need to be prepared for:

1. A worsening COVID-19 situation with no vaccinations or good therapeutics available;

2. Our cruise ship AIDAdiva getting involved in an accident or something even worse, meaning that it would not be available.

In this case, the cancellation paragraph might save us from being subject to law suits. We are adhering to German laws and are preparing for worst-case scenarios that nobody would have thought of even a year ago. We compare it to wearing seatbelts or having airbags in a car – you never plan on using them.

That was conflicting information indeed! In order to get things going, launch the website and be fair to all JCI members we wanted to communicate the facts and resolve our legal issues later. When sending out booking confirmations the following paragraph is now included (please see Q + A above).

In the event of a necessary cancellation, we expect each participant, in addition to our General Terms and Conditions, to voluntarily support the organizational costs incurred with € 100.00 (except for children).

In case we cannot depart on June 8, 2021 we will get all funds returned by AIDA Cruises. We also have a comprehensive insurance policy, but without COVID-19 coverage as everybody would expect. It is also not possible to insure the amounts to be paid for insurance, interest (because of very large deposits), marketing, legal costs and so on. Bottom line: Everything paid will be returned with the exception of the € 100, we kindly request is retained in the event of cancellation of the cruise. 

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Sustainability and environment (1)

Every conference has an impact on the environment, as it involves people travelling, staying in hotels, renting large venues and preparing a variety of food. This consumes energy, like browsing the web, consuming food or drink or even reading a book at night. In order to compare the 2021 JCI European Conference on board a cruise ship to another conference, a detailed analysis is recommended. All power used on board is generated by the ship itself, provided it is not powered by the power at a port whilst docked. That includes energy for the propulsion of the ship, for the preparation of food, but also for all cabins on board. Sometimes certain benefits are not accounted for in energy usage calculations, such as the fact that the ship also provides energy for the entire crew on board, for their cabins, for the preparation of their food, and that the crew doesn’t need to commute to work every day. We also think it makes quite a difference if you spend every vacation on a cruise ship or just a few days at 2021 JCI European Conference, connecting people and nations. The City of Rostock can be reached directly by German high-speed trains; a train station is a five-minute walk away from the cruise terminal.

Our sustainability team has tried to research the facts in as unbiased aw way as possible and concluded that ECC 2021 will emit about 15-20% more emissions than a more traditional JCI European Conference.

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Organizational (5)

Yes and no! We regret that we cannot offer reduced pricing for JCI members joining or leaving at other ports of call. You will also be missing out on a great opening ceremony! While leaving our cruise ship AIDAdiva will always be possible in port, we can only handle a certain amount of people joining us in Gothenburg or Oslo later on. By denying this possibility in general we can accommodate those who cannot manage otherwise. Please notify us before booking or as soon as you are planning NOT to attend from the very first day, June 8th, 2021. After May 31st, 2021, we will not be able to process those requests, since harbor authorities need to be informed well in advance.

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Yes, of course! 2021 JCI Conference Cruise takes part on board of AIDAdiva as well as in Rostock, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen. Since ECC 2021 is all about “PartnerShips for our Future” we encourage participants to explore every country and city on our route. Please be back well ahead before departure time.

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No, as with every other JCI European Conference, day tickets will not be available. Because at ECC 2021 almost everything will already be included, to attend for just one day would seem quite expensive.

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If you book early, parking is available about 500 m from Rostock Cruise Center for less than € 10.00 per day (also for RVs / Campers, but not for Caravans).

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About 500 m, which is a walk of approximately 6 min. From early 2021, many highspeed trains of Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) will also stop there.

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Financial (1)

We do not want to blame the COVID-19 pandemic for all problems or delays experienced so far, but unfortunately it plays a part in every decision we had to make since the beginning of March 2020. As with hotel rooms, most booking systems in the cruise industry can only charge the whole cabin at once. This puts a high financial burden on the JCI member booking a cabin for two, three or four people. Therefore, we decided to build up our own system and to charge all invoices directly. As of the beginning of August 2020, all German invoices have been sent out. Presently we are working on the remaining backlog of international registrations. Once this has been sorted out, we expect no further undue delay.

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